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Transform your sleeping environment with our state-of-the-art Mattress Vacuum Cleaner, designed to tackle even the deepest-seated dirt and dust

Equipped with innovative technology, this cleaner ensures a hygienic and fresh mattress for a healthier sleep.



Enhanced HEPA Filter System for Ultimate Purification

Our upgraded cleaner features the latest HEPA filter technology. Capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, it efficiently isolates and locks away dust and debris, delivering exhaust that is fresh and free from pollutants.



Revolutionary Purple Light and Pulsation Function

With its U-shaped purple light offering broad coverage and high-intensity 260nm penetration, our cleaner effectively eliminates 99.7% of impurities. The double pulsation pad, combined with high-frequency vibration, brings deeply embedded dirt to the surface for thorough cleaning.


Powerful Suction for Deep Cleaning

Boasting a 12kpa suction power and a robust 300w motor, this mattress cleaner expertly removes dust and grime from fabrics. It’s specifically designed for deep cleaning mattresses, pillows, and carpets, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.



Easy-to-Clean Dust Box

The stainless-steel dust box is conveniently washable, ensuring sustained strong suction and no clogging. Regular cleaning keeps the cleaner in optimal condition. (Note: Ensure the filter is dry before use.)



Product Specifications

Product Name: High-Frequency Dust and Mite Removal Instrument Vacuum Degree: ≥10Kpa Dust Cup Capacity: 0.2L Weight: 0.8kg Noise Level: ≤80dB Charging Mode: USB

Package Contents

  • 1 High-Frequency Dust and Mite Removal Instrument
  • 1 USB Charging Cable



Elevate Your Home Hygiene

Our Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is more than just a cleaning tool; it’s an investment in your health and well-being. Perfect for those seeking a pristine sleeping environment, this cleaner is a must-have for a dust-free, mite-free home. Order now and experience the pinnacle of home cleanliness!

Verified Buyer
Anna Harvey
11 Jun 2024 15:34

I've always wondered how to clean my mattress, couch, and drapes, especially because dust mites give me the creeps. This product is incredibly easy to use.

I highly recommend this for everyone! If you don't have one yet, you should consider getting it. I'll sleep better tonight knowing my mattress is cleaner than before; this is a must-have for everyone.

Verified Buyer
Maisy James
9 Jun 2024 15:35

This vacuum cleaner worked wonders on my bed! It did an exceptional job of cleaning and vacuuming my mattress, collecting a significant amount of dust. It's both easy to use and impressively powerful. I didn't even realize how much dust was in my bed until I used this vacuum cleaner.

Verified Buyer
Glenn Holman
6 Jun 2024 17:25

This vacuum turned out to be slightly larger than I had anticipated, but it is exceptionally lightweight. Its extra-long cord is incredibly convenient.

Verified Buyer
Mya Wells
6 Jun 2024 15:38

Absolutely fantastic! I'm thrilled that I've finally discovered a product that effectively removes dust from my mattress and other fabric-covered furniture. Recommend it!

Verified Buyer
Alisha Bell
5 Jun 2024 16:11

I appreciate this product for its effectiveness in cleaning beds. It serves as an excellent daily cleaner for your own bed and comes in handy when you're traveling, allowing you to clean the hotel bed before you sleep. Its compact size makes it easy to travel with.

Verified Buyer
Tom Hughes
5 Jun 2024 15:39

I purchased this because our dogs have a habit of sneaking into the bed and leaving a lot of hair behind. This vacuum works exceptionally well as you roll it in different directions on the bed to capture all the pet hair. Additionally, the filters are easy to detach and clean as required. Its compact size allows me to keep it conveniently close to the bed, making it easy to use for quick cleanups as needed!

Verified Buyer
Lucy Gallagher
5 Jun 2024 15:37

The vacuum appears to be of good quality. It's lightweight and user-friendly, with a strong suction capability.

Verified Buyer
Jaime Stark
4 Jun 2024 17:34

It's incredibly user-friendly, and its weight is comfortable to handle. You can use it on the bed and various other surfaces because it's exceptionally powerful. Its appearance is also quite appealing, and its cleaning ability is simply excellent.

Verified Buyer
Sammy Conway
4 Jun 2024 17:26

I was somewhat skeptical and somewhat intrigued by the concept of this vacuum. However, it genuinely removes a significant amount of dust from your mattress!

Verified Buyer
Keira Hamilton
4 Jun 2024 15:41

I'm genuinely impressed with this product. While I was initially hesitant due to some reviews, I'm ultimately glad I made the purchase. I keep a mattress protector on my bed at all times, so I didn't expect much from the vacuum, but I was proven wrong.

Verified Buyer
Jody Goodman
3 Jun 2024 17:26

The canister is simple to detach and empty, with clear lock/unlock instructions printed on it. Given its light weight, I'm considering trying it on the stairs too! I would certainly recommend this vacuum, especially if you need to clean comforters that can't be washed, as it can help reduce the need for frequent dry cleaning.

Verified Buyer
Mya Morris
3 Jun 2024 15:44

This vacuum is incredibly powerful and straightforward to use. It efficiently cleans the bed, especially when a baby leaves behind plenty of crumbs. Beyond just visible debris, it also eliminates numerous tiny and hard-to-spot particles that become noticeable only after they're sucked into the container.

Verified Buyer
Esme Beck
2 Jun 2024 16:16

It does an excellent job of vacuuming away all the dust and mites from the bed. It's compact and still works perfectly, making it an ideal choice for families with pets.

Verified Buyer
Isobel King
2 Jun 2024 16:12

It cleans just as effectively as any other vacuum and sanitizes my bedsheets and comforter. It's straightforward to use and comes at a reasonable price. It's definitely not a bad choice!

Verified Buyer
Samantha Moore
2 Jun 2024 13:37

Not exactly what I expected. I'll need to use it a bit more to fully evaluate its performance.

Verified Buyer
Marley Bullock
1 Jun 2024 17:23

I found it particularly effective when using it on the couch. With just one pass across the cushions, it made crumbs, fuzzies, and hair disappear effortlessly. While it may not be the absolute best hand vac ever, it is undeniably extremely convenient for handling small messes and is well-designed for the tasks it was intended for.

Verified Buyer
Lucy Rees
1 Jun 2024 15:45

The suction appears to be adequate; however, the vacuum hole is relatively small and positioned on one side of the machine. The bottom features depressed channels that guide dirt towards the hole for suction.

Verified Buyer
Kris Phillips
31 May 2024 17:32

The vacuum is powerful and effectively removed many dust balls from my mattress. The long cord allows you to reach around the entire bed comfortably. I've also been using it on our sofa, and it works exceptionally well there too

Verified Buyer
Ruby Allen
31 May 2024 15:46

I have children at home, and there's often debris on the bed and sofa. To make things more convenient and ensure peace of mind, I purchased this mite remover, which not only cleans but also eliminates mites. It's incredibly convenient.

Verified Buyer
Jessica Miller
31 May 2024 13:30

The suction power is impressive, and the ultraviolet ray sterilization works well. It's quite noisy, but I highly recommend it!

Verified Buyer
Kit Meyers
30 May 2024 17:22

Although I believe that this vacuum is designed and best suited for capturing bed bugs, it still performs admirably as an overall bed vacuum.

Verified Buyer
Chelsea Perry
30 May 2024 15:46

Good looking, clean and easy to use.

Verified Buyer
Kyle Thomas
30 May 2024 13:41

The item was delivered on time, though the outer packaging was a bit damaged. However, the inside was well-protected with foam covering. It seems fine. I'll test it after charging.

Verified Buyer
Megan Taylor
29 May 2024 13:22

Wow, this is the product you never realized you needed! It's astonishing how much it removes from your bed - stuff you wouldn't even imagine is there. Definitely a must-buy!

Verified Buyer
Bret Cox
28 May 2024 17:14

I've just received the bed vacuum cleaner I ordered, and I'm thoroughly impressed with both its appearance and performance. As I unpacked it, I couldn't help but notice its sleek design and exceptional build quality. To put it to the test, I deliberately scattered some paper scraps on my sofa, and the vacuum's suction power proved to be remarkable as it effortlessly picked up every single piece. I'm absolutely delighted with this purchase and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of an efficient and powerful bed vacuum cleaner.

Verified Buyer
Kailyn Farrell
28 May 2024 15:47

Incredibly practical! This is exceptionally beneficial for households with pets!

Verified Buyer
Mel Scott
27 May 2024 17:33

The vacuum has sufficient suction power, but it doesn't excel at handling small debris. It's effective at cleaning up larger pieces, but when it comes to smaller particles, it may struggle, requiring you to pick them up by hand.

Verified Buyer
Nicky Richards
27 May 2024 17:30

The suction is ok but you have to go slow

Verified Buyer
Steff Fox
27 May 2024 17:28

This is quite an intriguing gadget! It has a somewhat heavy and peculiar shape that made me uncertain at first, but when I turned it on, the suction power was surprisingly strong. While I initially thought I could use it for spot cleaning, it seems it's primarily designed for mattresses.

Verified Buyer
Faith Holmes
27 May 2024 16:15

This vacuum is incredibly valuable, especially for households with babies. I often worry about bacteria and even bed bugs that could potentially harm my baby's skin.

Verified Buyer
Lydia Raymond
26 May 2024 15:50

This is my first experience with a bed vacuum, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of dust it managed to vacuum up. I'm really glad I made the decision to buy it; now I feel much more comfortable.

Verified Buyer
Leanna Melton
26 May 2024 15:48

It's fantastic! I constantly vacuum my bed and sofa to eliminate dust mites and dead skin, and the UV light effectively eliminates dust mites. Don't forget to empty the filter after each use.

Verified Buyer
Jesse Ryan
25 May 2024 17:27

It's cool, because you can't really wash your mattress so this is a good alternative.

Verified Buyer
Lesley Cox
25 May 2024 17:17

Easy to use on mattress and easy to clean

Verified Buyer
Harper Parker
25 May 2024 17:16

This product boasts a stylish design and excellent quality. It offers strong suction and is very user-friendly.

Verified Buyer
Renata Kennedy
25 May 2024 15:52

It's capable of extracting a significant amount of debris, and it's straightforward to use!

Verified Buyer
Gabby Ryan
23 May 2024 17:17

I bought this to eliminate fur and dust from my couches and beds. It possesses strong suction, and the power cord is sufficiently long to reach from the socket to the furniture.

Verified Buyer
Karma Sutton
23 May 2024 15:54

I used it for my bed and sofa. A bit noisy for me.

Verified Buyer
Danielle Gallagher
22 May 2024 15:55

The cleaning performance is impressive, but it took a full 15 days to receive the express delivery.

Verified Buyer
Luke Peterson
22 May 2024 13:44

I'm not certain about its effectiveness in removing mites, but I purchased it to deal with my dogs' hair, and it does an excellent job in thoroughly cleaning that up.

Verified Buyer
Carmen Dixon
21 May 2024 17:19

This little device surprisingly packs a powerful punch when it comes to suction. Given its small size, I wasn't expecting this much suction power, but it definitely helped in cleaning the dog hair off my sheets.

Verified Buyer
Imogen Burke
21 May 2024 15:56

I was eager to try out this vacuum. The advantages include its lightweight design and ease of maneuverability. It also features a UV light that is intended to assist with disinfection

Verified Buyer
Rowan Baker
20 May 2024 17:22

The filter is intricately designed to capture incredibly fine particles or bugs, and it performs admirably in this regard. It effortlessly collects and traps dust. In addition to the main filter, there's a secondary filter located at the rear exhaust port, which helps catch anything that might have escaped the main filter's grasp. However, this high filtering performance does make it a bit challenging to clean. Additionally, the rear casing tends to get quite warm with prolonged use.

Verified Buyer
Reggie Gray
20 May 2024 17:20

The suction capacity is better than expected and the vacuum did work well to remove dog hair from my bed's comforter. However, I believe that it would perform better vacuuming directly on the mattress or mattress cover.

Verified Buyer
Matilda Clarke
19 May 2024 15:57

I frequently came across this product on Google, and I finally decided to purchase it, and I must say, I love it! Since I tend to shed a lot of hair, it's incredibly useful for cleaning my mattress.

Verified Buyer
Aidan Richards
18 May 2024 15:58

It cleans my bed sheets well.

Verified Buyer
Zachary Davis
18 May 2024 13:27

Given the recent news about bed bugs, I decided to check if I had any. This product works excellently for that purpose.

Verified Buyer
Kieran Richards
17 May 2024 16:00

The product is OK. I hope it can be shipped faster.

Verified Buyer
Will Paul
16 May 2024 17:20

This vacuum is well-made and performs well.

Verified Buyer
Ashley Cooke
14 May 2024 17:30

This vacuum provides impressive suction power and effectively picks up everything I've tested it on so far. However, it is on the louder side, which I personally didn't quite like.

Verified Buyer
Brandon Wilson
14 May 2024 13:34

Fantastic product with an acceptable level of noise. It effectively sucks up everything as expected. The charge lasts a good amount of time and it recharges quickly. I highly recommend this! Plus, delivery is swift – in fact, all my orders have consistently arrived earlier than expected.

Verified Buyer
Glen Larson
13 May 2024 17:35


Verified Buyer
Bennie Anderson
13 May 2024 16:03

This product is fantastic for maintaining the cleanliness of my newly installed floors.

Verified Buyer
Courtney George
13 May 2024 16:02

The vacuum cleaner works wonders. Our bed had never been vacuumed since my husband purchased it. This vacuum performs like magic with its powerful suction and user-friendly design. Additionally, it's easy to clean.

Verified Buyer
Brook West
12 May 2024 16:04

This vacuum is genuinely surprising in how effectively it operates. I initially thought I'd have to go back and forth multiple times to get the job done, but honestly, after just one or two passes, maybe even three, all the hairs and dust were completely gone. If you're unsure about which bed vacuum to choose, just go for this one – it's that good!

Verified Buyer
Kayleigh Berry
9 May 2024 16:13

I didn't anticipate finding such a great product at this price point. It has efficiently helped me remove a significant amount of dust, and it charges very quickly. It works perfectly on the mattress and pillows. I highly recommend everyone to consider purchasing it. A well-deserved 5-star rating!

Verified Buyer
Haiden Sweeney
8 May 2024 17:35


Verified Buyer
Maisy Jordan
7 May 2024 16:10

I have a child who occasionally suffers from dust allergies. A friend suggested that I invest in a bed vacuum, so I got this one, and it has been a tremendous help. I never realized just how much dust my bed accumulated, even though I do laundry every week.

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